How to use a pressure washer?

For many, a high-pressure cleaner is a natural part of the big clean around the house.

With many systems, there is a large variety of attachments. But who needs what. Here are the ten best tips around the portable pressure washer. Provided the right accessories are available, such a device can be used for far more applications than you might initially think. These include, for example, cleaning the gutter or waste garbage cans. Other jobs, such as car washing, can be performed more conveniently or more quickly with additional equipment.

Tip 1: Fast patio cleaning with the surface cleaner

About twice as fast as with a jet pipe, you can get ahead with a surface cleaner. This ensures that paths, driveways or terraces are cleaned particularly evenly. The hood serves as a reliable splash guard. Surface cleaners with a handle can also be easily guided on vertical surfaces, for example on dirty facades or gates.

Tip 2: Power scrubber – get stairs clean again

If smaller sections or steps are to be cleaned again, or if cleaning is to be carried out along edges and in corners, a power scrubber can help. With three high-pressure nozzles, stubborn dirt is removed particularly powerfully.

Tip 3: Telescopic extension – clean facades safely

A telescopic extension is the way to go. If you want to clean an aging house facade or shutters and blinds, you can do so safely from the ground with this accessory up to a height of four meters. Setting up a scaffold or wobbly handling on a ladder is a thing of the past.

This is how it gets really clean – with a rotation nozzle, like this one from Dibo, the decking boards get really clean again after a long winter.

Tip 4: Rotation nozzle against stubborn dirt

Very stubborn dirt is effectively removed with a rotating nozzle. This rotates a concentrated spot jet at high speed on the surface to be cleaned. To prevent walls, windows and users from getting wet unintentionally, K√§rcher has developed a splash guard. This can be used with all of the manufacturer’s current jet pipes thanks to various adapters.

Tip 5: Clean drain pipes regularly with pipe cleaning kit

To avoid blockages of drain pipes, they should be cleaned once a year as a preventive measure. This can be done easily and quickly with a pipe cleaning kit, which is connected to the high-pressure gun. The hose with the pipe cleaning nozzle is pushed into the pipe. Due to the recoil of the backward directed water jet, the nozzle works its way through the pipe and flushes it free.

Tip 6: Clean gutters easily

A gutter and pipe cleaning kit makes regular gutter cleaning easier and safer. The kit includes a cleaning sled that is inserted into the gutter and connected to the high-pressure gun. The recoil effect propels the sled forward, and the water loosens the dirt and flushes it away.

Tip 7: Extension hose for large properties

A high-pressure extension hose extends the operating radius on large properties or when cleaning balconies and roof terraces. Such an extension is also practical when washing cars, because the long hose can easily reach around larger vehicles such as a caravan and the high-pressure cleaner does not have to be moved several times.

Tip 8: Foam nozzle for better cleaning effect

Special foam nozzles ensure particularly powerful foam formation when a suitable cleaning agent is added. This has very practical advantages: The foam sticks longer, so it can work better to loosen the dirt and you can immediately see where work has already been done.

Tip 9: Swivel nozzle for hard-to-reach areas

A 360-degree nozzle is helpful for washing cars, but also for other jobs such as rinsing out trash cans. The nozzle head can be swiveled continuously in any direction. This allows the water jet to be directed forward, to the side, upward and downward to clean hard-to-reach areas.

Tip 10: Rim washing brush for narrow spaces

A rim wash brush makes it easier to clean hard-to-reach places and small spaces when washing a vehicle. The brush is continuously supplied with fresh water, which directly rinses away the loosened dirt.