How does a high-pressure cleaner work?

How does a high-pressure cleaner work?

With the help of an integrated pump, the pressure washer builds up a continuous water pressure and shoots a jet of water at high pressure via a nozzle onto the surface to be cleaned. A commercially available cleaner can thus build up a water pressure of up to 160 bar. Most of the devices are driven by an electric motor. Rarely, high-pressure cleaners with combustion engines are also used in private households.

The individual components of the devices are a precisely coordinated interaction of various mechanical parts in conjunction with a hydraulic system. The drive, motor and valve control must go hand in hand to ensure trouble-free operation.

How much does a high-pressure cleaner cost?

Electric pressure washers are available in all price ranges. Depending on workmanship, equipment and performance, the following price information is only a rough guide. As a rule, there are less expensive devices, but you usually have to cut back on quality.

The cheapest are electric high-pressure cleaners, where good devices are already available from around 150 euros. Followed by battery models, which cost from 200 euros with battery and charger. The most expensive are gasoline-powered pressure washers, where you should invest 300 euros or more.

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How to fix a pressure washer pump

how to fix a pressure washer pump

The most common malfunction: pressure build-up error If your pressure washer does not work, it is usually due to a pressure build-up fault. Without sufficient pressure, the device cannot force the water out of the tank through the hose and pipe. Fortunately, you can repair a pressure washer even without expert knowledge – with a … Read more

How to use a pressure washer?

how to use a pressure washer

For many, a high-pressure cleaner is a natural part of the big clean around the house.

With many systems, there is a large variety of attachments. But who needs what. Here are the ten best tips around the portable pressure washer. Provided the right accessories are available, such a device can be used for far more applications than you might initially think. These include, for example, cleaning the gutter or waste garbage cans. Other jobs, such as car washing, can be performed more conveniently or more quickly with additional equipment.

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